Läkarmissionen and IAS/Sweden are planning a merger for a stronger future


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Läkarmissionen and IAS/Sweden are planning a merger in order to enhance capacity and equip the two organisations for the future. – A fantastic opportunity to provide support and assistance to even more people in vulnerable contexts, says Johan Lilja, CEO of Läkarmissionen.

Läkarmissionen and International Aid Services (IAS) / Sweden have cooperated since 1994, mainly in regards to various water- and sanitation projects. The cooperation has increased during the years and in 2016 the two organisations signed an agreement aiming at deepening the cooperation. With the planned merger they are taking it one step further.

– With a strengthened administrative capacity we are able to focus even more on our role as a global humanitarian actor, says Daniel Zetterlund, CEO of IAS/Sweden.

The two organisations are merging in order to create synergies and enhance aid efficiency, sustainability and relevance. The two operations complement each other well. Together IAS/Sweden and Läkarmissionen will become stronger and can assist more people in vulnerable contexts.

– For Läkarmissionen the merger is fully in line with the ambition to increase our field presence. It will also enable a growth in institutional funding adding value to our existing funding portfolio, says Johan Lilja, CEO of Läkarmissionen.
The merger will formally mean that IAS/Sweden, with retained identity, will be incorporated in Läkarmissionen. Läkarmissionen will enhance IAS/Sweden operations with a well-established administrative capacity, strong own financing and competence within development aid. IAS/Sweden will contribute with a strong implementing capacity in the field and a wide network of international donors and stakeholders.

Both Johan Lilja and Daniel Zetterlund are grateful for the support they have received from their respective Board and Management throughout this process. The aim is that the formal incorporation will take place during the summer of 2018 after which it will be one organisation.

The new operation will have a turnover of more than 200 MSEK and more than 350 employees of which approximately 90% are locally employed in the field.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Lilja, CEO, Läkarmissionen – Tel +46-70-6288161
Daniel Zetterlund, CEO, International Aid Services / Sweden – Tel +46-70-7777378
Bo Guldstrand, President, Läkarmissionen
Johan Sigge, Board Chair, International Aid Services / Sweden


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Facelift of IAS logo and brand


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Today we are pleased to announce a facelift of the IAS logo and brand. We believe the changes are timely, appropriate and will enhance the communication of the IAS brand globally.

Our current logo and brand has been in use since 2004. This was a dramatic change from the original logo and brand which had been in use since the establishment of IAS in 1989. The change of logo and brand at the time coincided with the name change from International Aid Sweden to International Aid Services; encompassing the global nature of IAS following the additions of several entities joining the IAS International Association. In November 2015 IAS changed its governance structure to become an International Alliance with IAS Sweden, IAS Denmark, IAS Germany and IAS USA as the legacy members. IAS Sweden was formally mandated to act as Head Office for the Alliance. In 2016 IAS also adopted a new global organizational strategy – Fit for Purpose: A strategy for sustained growth, 2016-2020.

The facelift of the IAS brand and logo presented today is a result of deliberations between IAS Alliance Members and an important step in propelling our strategy and vision.

The main differences from the previous logo and brand are a mother logo with the abbreviation IAS more clearly marked as well as a more distinct shield. Recognizing the need to be able to communicate the diversity of the IAS brand we have also introduced four different denominations – separate communicative brands with different names and colour codes but still clearly attached to the IAS brand. Finally, we have introduced a gravatar option for all the logos to be used in primarily social media platforms.

Kindly refer to the ‘IAS Brand White Paper’ for more detailed information. A new facelift of IAS website and media outlets will follow shortly

International Aid Services (IAS) is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) abiding by Christian values. Founded in 1989 with the purpose of assisting conflict affected populations in South Sudan we now run programs in over 10 countries in primarily Horn of Africa /Eastern Africa supported by 4 offices in Europe and the United States. The Alliance Head Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

We see ourselves as catalysts for development. Investing in people in order for them realize their full potential – going beyond relief and development.

Download the “IAS Brand White Paper” here

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USAID funding secured for response in Uganda

November 24, 2017 | Posted in Press release, Sanitation, Uganda, Water | By

Stichting ZOA Uganda, International Aid Services Uganda, and Malteser International Consortium secured USD 1.5 million as a gift of the United States Government under the Population Refugees and Migration (PRM) fund. This fund is for the implementation of a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene response among the South Sudanese refugees in Imvepi Refugee Settlement. The one year funding took effect from 15th September 2017.

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August 19, 2017 | Posted in Press release | By

One Million!

On this World Humanitarian Day we have a sad reflection as reports indicate that the number of
South Sudanese refugees arriving in Uganda has now hit (and probably passed) 1 million. This is the
sad reality of the situation that many around the world, including South Sudanese, have been forced
to be in. Frustrating as it may be in consideration that the South Sudan crisis is man-made, we are
reminded of the Humanitarian Principles to which we adhere, and continue to respond to the influx
of refugees into Uganda. IAS continues to join with other responders in this situation as we seek to
provide WASH services and join in the protection of Unaccompanied Minors finding themselves as
refugees with no one to call a guardian. We continue to hope and trust that the current trends in the
influx of refugees will change as the systems, including our own response capacity are stretched.
Nevertheless, we also continue to appreciate those that have joined IAS by providing financial
support in order for us to be able to respond to the situation on the ground within the existing
coordination mechanisms.

Gonya-Rose12yearsANDgrandmother15Aug2017The young girl is called Gonya Rose (12 years). She was in Primary 4. Her mother died before the war and the Father remained in Juba. They have no idea if he is alive or dead.

Above pictures: IAS is hosting SVT (Swedish Television) Johan Ripås to report to sweeds via TV-news; RAPPORT (24 Feb 2017, time 19:30) – and more at SVT. (Pictures: Julius Bitamazire)

IAS continues to respond to the prevailing humanitarian needs in South Sudan itself. Over the past
year we have continued to render our services to the communities affected by the current crisis. We
have also joined with others in condemning the targeting of humanitarian workers, not only in South
Sudan, but in all places where we continue to put our men and women in harm’s way in trying to
serve humanity.

We Need Rain!

Among IAS’ major areas of emergency response this year has been the Horn of Africa, with focused
active engagement in Somalia/Somaliland in response to the continued drought situation.
Responding to critical water and food shortages, we have seen some of the devastation among the
pastoral communities whose livestock have been destroyed by the drought as they not only lost
their economic sustainability capacity, but also have been rendered helpless by lack of food and
water. Hopes for rains coming at the times when they were expected have kept being shattered and
threatening the current situation to becoming worse. The recovery process itself even in the event
that the affected regions have received sufficient rains will take time. While recovery is of utmost
importance, it currently remains secondary as we strive to save lives in the now! We continue to
appreciate our donors in helping us respond in this difficult situation.

Lake Chad Region

The crisis in the Lake Chad region is estimated to be affecting around 17 million people in 4
countries. IAS has been responding to the crisis in Diffa, Niger for the last two years. Persistent
WASH gaps exist, and coupled with insecurity in parts of the Diffa region, teams have to be diligent
in planning humanitarian response. IAS is scaling up its response to the provision of potable water in
the region, and seeks to continue being relevant in addressing existing gaps.

Fit for Purpose

And so, with our teams serving in Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger, Somalia/Somaliland, South
Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and all the partners in countries where we are not physically
present, we remind ourselves that our desire each day is to remain Fit For Purpose as we continue to
serve humanity. With that determination we will continue to serve!



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