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November 25th, 2015

Monday the 30th of November the Climate Change Conference (COP21) starts in Paris as an important step towards a future with reduced carbon dioxide. IAS is through the network EU-CORD part of the campaign Act Now for Climate Justice, an international petition led by the ACT Alliance, to call on world leaders to help the world’s poorest people cope with the impacts of climate change.

EU-CORD earlier published an article that highlighted the fact that it´s the world´s poorest and most vulnerable people who suffer the most from the impacts of climate change. One example of that is the vicious cycles of floods and droughts that are reducing people’s ability to make a living and forcing many people into poverty.  IAS CEO Daniel Zetterlund was quoted in the article and he showed the link between humanitarian work and the need to combat the effects of climate change.

-International Aid Services (IAS) runs programmes in 10 African countries, mainly in the Horn of Africa/Eastern Africa and the Sahel region. Climate change is felt across these countries and affects the already vulnerable populations. One of the fundamental issues for appropriately addressing the effects of climate change is the need for a more robust, flexible and multi-year funding mechanism, Daniel Zetterlund said.

The petition will be formally presented to UN authorities, including Christiana Figueres, the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), in Paris on Saturday the 28th November, just before the start of the COP21 Climate negotiations.

To sign the petition click here:

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Second deputy prime minister of Uganda joined IAS 25 Years Celebration


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International Aid Services Uganda joined the rest of the IAS to celebrate 25 years of service in a colourful ceremony in Lira Palwo Sub County in Agago district.  Many guests attended including Second Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament, Rtd Gen Moses Ali.

The week-long celebration was marked by a number of activities. The activities included cleaning of Lira Palwo health Centre III by both IAS staff and the target groups, sanitation and hygiene competitions in villages and schools, rewarding best performing students in selected schools and reconstruction of an incinerator at the Health Centre.

– We also wanted to focus on challenging IAS beneficiaries to give back to their communities what´s been given to them, including the desire to make a difference, says Juliet Namukasa, Country Director Uganda.

Speech by Second Deputy Prime Minister of Uganda

The celebration had it´s climax on 1st April when the Second Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of Government Business in Parliament, Rtd Gen Moses Ali, attended. He held a speech where he highlighted IAS important role as one of the first organizations that opened offices in Koboko in 1994 when Uganda was faced with overwhelmed influxes of refugees from Sudan. He particularly thanked IAS and its donors for the work that’s been done during the years.

– On behalf of the government and myself, I would like to applaud and commend IAS for a job well done. I also recognize that without funding from the donors IAS and the primary stakeholders in this region would not have succeeded, Rtd Gen Moses Ali said.

Text: Rebecka Woods

Foto: Håkan Björk

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IAS celebrated 25 years of service in Yei, South Sudan


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25 years has passed since IAS was established and 2015 is a year of celebration. In March 2015, IAS official celebration was held in Yei, South Sudan, a happy day that was celebrated by IAS staff and its partners.

The heat was overwhelming but the joy even greater. In a colourful ceremony the 25 Years celebration was held together with a number of activities. Musicians were performing and both IAS staff and its local partners held several speeches. One of them was Unicef , who has been a close partner to IAS since 15 years in Tchad, Somalia,, in Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan.

– On behalf of Unicef I want to congratulate IAS for reaching this remarkable milestone. IAS has been one of our closest old friends and is a reliable partner. We have enjoyed and are still enjoying working with IAS, said Rose Tawil, Unicef Juba, Wash Specialist.

New leadership taking on

Since beginning of this year Daniel Zetterlund has been taking on the new role as CEO, after IAS founder, Leif Zetterlund.

– The vision that inspired us 25 years ago is vibrant today. Now it´s time for us to take a step back and let the new young generation take over, Leif said in a speech.

He used a key as an illustration that he handed over to Daniel.

– This key will remind you about two things: to open doors and to close doors,. There are always situations where you must say no. But you should open doors that lead people to prosperity, to proper education and that gives people opportunities. We dreamed about transformed communities and we want to you to continue dreaming.

Daniel also held a speech where he highlighted that IAS, thanks to its founders, is resting on a solid foundation and that it will continue to move forward.

– There are three words that drove IAS in the beginning; Need, Injustice and that no one is responding to the call of the population. IAS was one of the first registered NGO:s in Yei and the first organisation here working with local staff. This foundational drive and the same commitment remains today and will continue to remain in the future.

Text: Rebecka Woods

Film: Håkan Björk

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Despite her disability Kashinde wants to be a journalist


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April 20th, 2015, Tanzania

22 year  old Kashinde from Tanzania is part of our program Inclusive Education. She is missing both legs and her arms only goes to her elbows. Despite her handicap she is determined to get an education and become a journalist.

– I want to be able to support myself, she says.

Supportive family members surround Kashinde and her uncle has, on a daily basis and by using his back as the means of transport, carried her to school. Now Kashinde has completed the eleventh class in the school she attends.
 She insists that her plan is not to get married.

– I want to finish my education, learn English and then work as a journalist at one of Tanzania’s international newspapers.

Over the years IAS’ work has helped over 6 million people. With our holistic approach we have transformed lives through our three thematic areas; Integrated Water Resource Management, Civil Society Development and Inclusive Education.

IAS ́s work with Inclusive Education is about ensuring children’s right to education on equal terms, regardless of the social or cultural aspects that may prevent them from it. It may be factors such as gender, ethnicity or poverty; that hinder children from being included in the teaching.

Text: Rebecka Woods

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