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Walking long distances to fetch water takes time and effort. The heavy responsibility usually falls upon women and girls which means that girls don’t have time to go to school. Walking long distances is also a safety issue because of  the risk of assault.

Therefore, we are always striving to ensure shortest distance possible, for people to walk to the nearest waterpoint. Our goal is that a person should have to walk maximum 500 meters to fetch water. By doing this we create safety and also reduce exclusion!

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New Humanitarian Coordinator at IAS

DZ-2-MilwardEditedGrade1000x300From left: IAS CEO Daniel Zetterlund together with IAS new Humanitarian Coordinator Milward Mwamvani

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January 25th, 2016 //

IAS continues to expand, and this week we are really happy to have our new Humanitarian Coordinator Milward Mwamvani with us at the Head Office. Milward will be responsible for all IAS humanitarian activities and interventions and will continue to improve the quality of IAS projects.

-I hope to see IAS grow and expand into new areas. We need to fill the needs that no one is responding to. As an organization, we have a new strategy for growth called Fit for Purpose, which seeks to see the organization active in countries with great humanitarian needs in the Middle East, North Africa and the Sahel Region. We know of the present challenges faced by the populations of these regions, and we realize there are gaps in the humanitarian response in those countries, says Milward.

Expanding security work

As a Humanitarian Coordinator Milward will have an overall responsibility for all humanitarian projects, aiming at the qualitative and quantitative growth of the work in each of IAS program countries. One aspect of that includes security.

-Since a majority of the countries where IAS operates experience conflicts and political instability, we want to expand our humanitarian security management. Our teams in the field are doing okay with regard to security considerations today but we want to do even better. This includes training of our staff in conducting security risk and vulnerability assessments and analyzing the security situation for every context. We want to always be prepared, says Milward.

Milward has been working with IAS since 2010, first as Programme Manager and Deputy Country Director, Regional Program Support Officer, then as Program Support Officer from the Head Office, which he doubled with being Country Director for Somalia/Somaliland. He currently lives in Malawi but will be part of IAS office in Sweden, even though he will travel a lot to IAS ten program countries.

Donor countries reducing their aid budgets

-It’s with great humility I take on this new task. It’s not an easy world we live in with an unstable world economy and multiple crises going on, not only in Africa and the Middle East, but also in Europe with the refugee crisis. Donor countries are reducing their aid budget to spend money on the refugee crises in their own countries, which puts the humanitarian work in a tricky situation. Natural occurrences like droughts and floods also continue to put pressure on the already stretched resources.

-I believe that our work is more important than ever given the existing gaps and the immensity of suffering in the conflict-stricken regions of the world. One of IAS’s thematic areas is WASH,(Water, Hygiene and Sanitation) and we know how most of the challenges mentioned above, affect the access to clean water. We will continue to join hands with willing supporters to provide water to the affected communities.



Milward Mwamvani

Text: Rebecka Woods

Photo: Håkan Björk & Rebecka Woods

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IAS participating in High-Level Humanitarian Pledging Conference


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The crisis in South Sudan is worsening on a daily basis . Therefore IAS Humanitarian Coordinator Daniel Zetterlund will participate in the High-Level Humanitarian Pledging Conference for South Sudan 19-20 of May. The Conference is taking place in Oslo and is hosted by the Norwegian Government and OCHA. The purpose of the Conference is to discuss how to address the humanitarian crisis which during 5 months only has caused 1.3 million people flee their homes. Today over 4 million people, including over 2.5 million children, are extremely vulnerable to food insecurity, as people have been displaced from their sources of survival. IAS has signed a joint NGO statement outlining ‘seven steps’ to address the current crisis.

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One year in captivity


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July 11, 2013 – Today marks one year in captivity for 3 of our staff. In the afternoon of July 11, 2012, we received the shocking news that Muthoni, Abdinoor and Martin were travelling back from a field visit in Puntland and were stopped by gunmen. Our Somali staff, Axmed, was shot in the stomach while our Kenyan staff were captured and taken to some unknown location. Axmed was later taken for medical treatment in Nairobi where he underwent some surgeries to remove bullets. He has now recovered from his wounds and is back home in Somalia.

In spite of lots of communication with different influential people and negotiations with the kidnappers, they have not yet been released. We continue praying for the hostages and those holding them. We appreciate those who in various ways have supported us in this difficult situation and trust that we soon will be able to report good news that our staff has been released.

On behalf of the Crisis Management Team

Leif Zetterlund

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