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Today, IAS is launching its new global strategy for growth called; Fit for Purpose. The strategy outlines IAS desire to deepen its engagement in its current countries of operation and expand into new geographical regions. The focus for the geographical expansion is Middle East/North Africa and Sahel.

Founded in 1989 with the purpose of assisting conflict affected populations in South Sudan, IAS is currently registered and runs programs in over 10 countries in three key operating regions: Sahel, Greater Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa. The expansion of IAS has always been strategically driven by need, injustice and the fact that no one else is responding to the needs of the population.

This strategy is a result of a renewed and sharpened vision to continue to build on IAS foundation to serve and reach out to the most vulnerable and underprivileged populations. IAS will continue to sustain what we have, while we expand and grow by assisting populations in other regions.

-Expansion in these regions means adding resources, not draining existing ones. While maintaining true to IAS core sectors and competencies, it might be that the programs will take other shapes, with other administrative setups. In order to see transformational change in this context, the key is to ensure long term physical presence by core staff consumed with the vision of IAS, says Daniel Zetterlund, CEO.

-The Swedish Board is excited to see this strategy being launched. We believe it will be a crucial tool for the further enhancement of IAS in the next years to come. While the initial timeframe of the strategy is set to five years (2016-2020) we are committed to the long term vision behind the strategy, says Agneta Kuhlin, Chair of the Swedish Board.

VIEW/READ “Fit for purpose – A strategy for sustained growth” HERE


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