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School feeding in Tharaka – KENYA

In Tharaka Nithi County, one of the semi-arid regions of Kenya, where the rains are erratic and unreliable making reliance on them untenable. Water levels continue to go down giving rise to water and food scarcity.

With the prevailing drought and the looming hunger, mothers in Tharaka County, Kenya send their children to school on an empty stomach. How can a child make it through the day without anything to eat? A hungry child cannot play. A hungry child cannot learn. A hungry child cannot concentrate. Fatigued and weary, these children faint in schools; their immunity systems become weak and eventually drop out of schools.

Plate for plate! – The project was introduced at the beginning of the year 2015.Today we are able to feed a total of 10,242 pupils from 37 different schools in Tharaka South. The project will expand in the coming years. Our partner – Linas Matkasse, with the recommendations of nutritionists, has planned a healthy and delicious lunch for the children going to school. This includes beans, corn, rice and onions. All the ingredients are purchased locally and then cooked by the school cook. It is a sight for sore eyes to see these children line up at lunch time, holding their plastic bowls and wearing a gigantic smile in anticipation of their meal.

Help a child concentrate, learn and enjoy the beauty of life by a simple act. Help dig out a bright future that these angels deserve!


(Text by Nida Nausherwan & Rebecka Woods. Updated by HB 2 May 17)


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