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Läkarmissionen and IAS/Sweden are planning a merger in order to enhance capacity and equip the two organisations for the future. – A fantastic opportunity to provide support and assistance to even more people in vulnerable contexts, says Johan Lilja, CEO of Läkarmissionen.

Läkarmissionen and International Aid Services (IAS) / Sweden have cooperated since 1994, mainly in regards to various water- and sanitation projects. The cooperation has increased during the years and in 2016 the two organisations signed an agreement aiming at deepening the cooperation. With the planned merger they are taking it one step further.

– With a strengthened administrative capacity we are able to focus even more on our role as a global humanitarian actor, says Daniel Zetterlund, CEO of IAS/Sweden.

The two organisations are merging in order to create synergies and enhance aid efficiency, sustainability and relevance. The two operations complement each other well. Together IAS/Sweden and Läkarmissionen will become stronger and can assist more people in vulnerable contexts.

– For Läkarmissionen the merger is fully in line with the ambition to increase our field presence. It will also enable a growth in institutional funding adding value to our existing funding portfolio, says Johan Lilja, CEO of Läkarmissionen.
The merger will formally mean that IAS/Sweden, with retained identity, will be incorporated in Läkarmissionen. Läkarmissionen will enhance IAS/Sweden operations with a well-established administrative capacity, strong own financing and competence within development aid. IAS/Sweden will contribute with a strong implementing capacity in the field and a wide network of international donors and stakeholders.

Both Johan Lilja and Daniel Zetterlund are grateful for the support they have received from their respective Board and Management throughout this process. The aim is that the formal incorporation will take place during the summer of 2018 after which it will be one organisation.

The new operation will have a turnover of more than 200 MSEK and more than 350 employees of which approximately 90% are locally employed in the field.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Lilja, CEO, Läkarmissionen – Tel +46-70-6288161
Daniel Zetterlund, CEO, International Aid Services / Sweden – Tel +46-70-7777378
Bo Guldstrand, President, Läkarmissionen
Johan Sigge, Board Chair, International Aid Services / Sweden


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