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In order to ensure that our assistance is rendered in accordance to our vision, the selection of the project locations are done according to the below listed criteria. These criteria feed into the driving factors considered when forming the organization: Need, injustice and that none responded to the calls of the people. It also embraces the broader development spectrum and outlines our needs based and rights based approach in all programmes; from strictly humanitarian interventions to resilience and development programming.

Criteria for project selection:

  • Rural areas with minimal access to basic social services and low development indices due to conflict/war in the country;
  • Areas which are neglected or underserved by aid agencies or governments due to sparse resources. In most cases, these are regions which are very far from the state capital(s) with very poor infrastructure; and arid and semi-arid lands;
  • Opportunities to support local governments and organisations to address sustainable and effective recovery efforts following disasters or prolonged complex emergencies aiming at enhancing communities’ coping mechanisms and self-reliance;
  • Opportunities to partner, strengthen and work alongside local civil society organisations in advocacy, capacity building and planning, implementation and management of development programmes;
  • In as much as possible and necessary, we establish field offices in the different country programmes to conduct the functions of coordinating our projects at grass-root level. This ensures that the projects continually reflect the realities of the operational context and that we have an intact link to the people we assist;
  • We also operate in the programme countries from local partner premises, particularly at field office level. This is mainly in projects that are implemented jointly with local partners or directly by the local partners with our support.

Today we have in-country registrations and offices in the following programme countries: Chad, Niger, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We support programmes, through local partners, in Albania, Ghana, Nigeria and Paraguay. We have a supporting office in Egypt focusing on providing strategic support primarily for our IWRM programmes.



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