By enforcing and providing guidelines to the various areas of involvement, IAS is consolidating and streamlining all our policies and practices that we currently have at hand as well as formulating future strategies.

Thus, each of the key areas of involvement is guided by a sector policy outlining the strategy for the particular sector. Furthermore, there are several other policies of more general character relating to cross-cutting issues applicable in all interventions. Such policies include, among others, ICEP-Integrated Community Empowerment Programme, Gender, HIV/AIDS and Environment. Moreover, there a good number of internal policies dealing with human resource issues ensuring the well-being of IAS staff.

Since the inception of IAS in 1990 there has been a considerable amount of policy documents circulating within the organisation. A policy working committee was therefore appointed to consolidate and streamline these documents into one single working document.

The policy handbook is intended to be used on all levels of the organisation and towards all stakeholders. It consists of living documents which will be updated on a regular basis.

The below policies are available upon request from IAS Policy Department.


People in Aid


Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP)


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