Poverty, Conflict, and Displacement – everyone still needs

Villagers in Debaibat collecting_water_from an_IAS_Mini_Water_Yard

Villagers in Debaibat collecting water from an IAS Mini Water Yard

For years Sudan has suffered the chronic problems of poverty, underdevelopment, and lack of clean water. These issues have only been made worse by the ongoing conflicts in Darfur and South Kordofan, and the resulting displacement of hundreds of thousands of Sudanese. People in rural communities particularly feel the effects of the scarcity of clean water for drinking, as well as the impact on hygiene, sanitation, and health.

IAS – since 2002 still standing with the needy


New Handpump in Hai Almak

IAS began its work in Sudan in 2002 with a vision to help the most vulnerable and needy. Today, we are as committed as ever to life-saving relief through providing clean water, as well as supporting long-term transformation and development in health, hygiene, sanitation, and our new initiatives in special needs education.

What We Do

Clean Water

With drilling rigs in four rural states (Red Sea, South Kordofan, West Darfur, and South Darfur) and years of experience in well drilling, IAS is recognized as one of the leading organizations drilling new boreholes in Sudan. In 2015 IAS drilled 27 new boreholes, in addition to rehabilitating 42 existing boreholes and constructing 7 mini water yards. Today, thousands of Sudanese have cleaner, more reliable supply of water because of this work.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Without real changes in hygiene practices, clean water alone will not be enough to change the high rates of diarrhea and waterborne disease in many rural communities. As we drill new boreholes and rehabilitate broken ones, IAS goes further to work together with these communities to educate them on fundamental hygiene issues and promote changes which will bring long-term improvement to their health and wellness.

Special Needs Education

In the midst of ongoing conflict and widespread poverty, the wellbeing of those with special needs is easily overlooked. Because of this, in 2014 IAS initiated a new program addressing Special Needs Education. After researching the unique needs and current attitudes toward children with special needs, IAS had begun initiatives to raise awareness and promote inclusive education of those with special needs in areas of South Kordofan. We have already seen an increase in the enrollment of special needs children in some schools, and are excited to see this grow and spread.


IAS staff Sally visiting children with disabilities


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