IAS, in partnership with Nehemiah Gateway Albania, continues its support of the Albanian Christian School, Amaro Tan. Amaro Tan strives to impact a very distinct, marginalized demographic of special needs children in Albania, which includes minority groups such as Roma and Egyptian children.

Some of the achievements

Volunteers Ragnar Gentz (from Germany) and Frosina Topalli (from Pogradec, Albania) offering Dental services to Amaro Tan students

  • As a result of the cooperation between Amaro Tan and the Evangelische Volksschule in Hof, Germany, children from Germany came to visit Amaro Tan, and four children from Amaro Tan were also able to visit the school in Germany as well during the summer. This exchange proved to help motivate Amaro Tan’s older students in their studies to learn German.
  • The 10 after school courses continued in 2014 with sixty students attending. These courses are designed to help the Amaro Tan children discover and develop their talents in art, creativity, music, cooking, sports, sewing, and foreign languages.
  • A daily food program continued this year and provided a breakfast, hot lunch, and food packages to needy families of Amaro Tan students.
  • Separate afternoon meetings for Amaro Tan’s younger girls and boys, a monthly parents’ meeting with an increased number of participants and relevant topics discussed, and three community projects undertaken proved critical in Amaro Tan’s outreach to the local community in 2014.
  • Dental services were offered in cooperation with volunteer foreign and local dentists, significantly improving the oral health of Amaro Tan students.
  • In cooperation with the Bible School (Christ for the Nations), weekly afternoon evangelical meetings were held in which thirty Amaro Tan students and children from the community were introduced to God through prayers, worship, and Bible stories.



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