Name of the call: Education for all through Peepoo Sanitation

Every year, children lose 272 million school days due to diarrhoea and other related diseases caused by lack of clean water, sanitation and hygiene. In an environment of poor health, children are unable to fulfil their education potential. The problem is especially grave in urban informal settlements where the accessibility and the state of sanitation facilities are very poor.

A major reason that many girls do not finish schools can be directly traced to the lack of toilets. Women who are educated are less likely to die during childbirth. Each additional year of education is estimated to prevent two maternal deaths for every 1,000 women. Research also shows that for every 10 % increase in female literacy, a country’s economy can grow by 0.3 %.

The overall objective of this call is to support initiatives that work towards achieving quality education for all through provision of safe and clean sanitation. This call should contribute to the following main Sustainable Development Goals (SDG);

Extra credit will be given to those proposals who also can include elements that links to these SDGs;

(Read more about the goals at

Application Process

Read more about the Call for Proposal and guidelines (Download guidelines)

  • 25th of November 2016 – IAS launch the Call for proposal
  • 12th of December – Proposal deadline
  • 16th of December – IAS response letter
  • 19th – 21st of December – Signing of project agreement
  • 9th of January 2017 – Project start-up meeting

Interested applicants will submit their application via email to

Documents to submit

The list of documents and templates for this call is below:

These documents may also be submitted with the application if available:

  • Strategic plan
  • Evaluation reports



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