The IAS work force consists of about 280 staff. In as much as possible, IAS seeks to recruit staff as locally as possible. Whereas IAS seeks to recruit highly qualified personnel, IAS is also committed to recruiting committed staff with the aim of training or raising their competence. This is particularly in regards to specialist projects that require technical expertise rarely available in the programme countries such as water drilling projects.

Head office


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Daniel Zetterlund
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Phone +46-8-891731

Programme Department

Rune Cederholm
Chief Programme Officer (CPO)
Phone +46-8-891731, +46-73-7197710

Milward Mwamvani
Humanitarian Coordinator
Phone +46-8-891731, +46-76-8475212

Finance Department

Mikael Artmark
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Phone +46-8-891731

Tomas Lindén
Financial Project Controller
Phone +46-8-891731

Maude Bergqvist
Finance Assistant
Phone +46-8-891731

Arlinda Beqiri
Finance Assistant
Phone +46-8-891731

Policy & Quality Department

Julius Bitamazire
Chief of Field Operations (CFOps)
Phone +46-8-891731, +46-73-6561077

Marketing & Fundraising Department

Andreas Zetterlund
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Phone +46-8-891731, +46-70-4552100



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