Enhancing the capacity of local partners

The year 2014 IAS made a strong effort to develop the capacity of the four partners we work with. Association of Education and Training Services for Persons with Disabilities (AETSPD) together with Ethiopian National Association on Intellectual Disabilities (ENAID) are public teacher training colleges who train primary school teachers and have a program on Special Needs/ Inclusive Education. These two teacher-training colleges in particular, started to widen their training program in the area of Special Needs Education/SNE as a result of the support they received from IAS.

Special Needs Education in Gode, Somali Region, Ethiopia

Special Needs Education in Gode, Somali Region, Ethiopia

The WASH component saw IAS intervene in an area where data obtained from Borena Zone gave a rising number of girls dropping out of school. Furthermore, it was also found out that the main reason behind mobile pastoralism is the low access of water. By addressing the water problem in these areas, the number of dropout of girls has greatly decreased especially in the schools of Miyo District.

Overview of impact


Inclusive Education activities

Over the years of IAS intervention with the IE/SNE, much positive development has taken place especially in the three target areas namely the Ethiopia Somali Regional State where IAS implements in 4 Districts, Hawassa and Sidama Zone.

  • Trained teachers have become more willing and committed to serve children living with disabilities.
  • Parents and teachers discuss freely about the children’s condition and problems.
  • Most target communities have become strong supporters of the project(s).
  • Many schools have become more and more inclusive for children with disabilities.
  • Parents of children with disabilities have become active participants in the project’s implementation and evaluation.
  • The number of Special Needs children who integrate into the mainstream school system has increased.
  • Discrimination of children with Special Needs and stigmatization of such children living with disabilities is declining significantly.
  • With changes of the school environments for children with disabilities, many parents feel encouraged sending their children to schools and SNE Centers.
  • Mainstream Schools have become more open and flexible in admitting SN children and started to integrate them.
  • Communities have began to discuss openly about the rights of children with disabilities (for education) and in some places established committees that play a vital role in bringing these children to school.

WASH activities

With the drilling of 18 bore holes, the WASH programme in the Miyo District, Borena Zone and Oromiya Regional State also expanded with an Emergency Response in the Borena Zone. The emergency response included water trucking and emergency borehole drilling within the Miyo Wereda District. IAS targeted Eleven Kebeles (villages) and altogether the intervention witnessed the following results:

  • The distance to get clean drinking water minimized significantly
  • The proportion of people with sustainable access to safe and portable drinking water increased
  • The local trained people started to repair hand pumps
  • The hygienic practice of the local people changed
  • The number of people who migrate to other places decreased – since they´ve got enough clean drinking water in their localities they settled and stayed in their villages
  • The vulnerability to water related diseases was minimized for the local people – the quality of water rationed distributed to the target communities is the required standard and no water related disease was registered at the time by the health center and clinics
  • The number of school dropout girls minimized significantly – since the communities get water through the intervention there is no need for girl students to drop out and quit their schooling
  • The burden on women and girls lessened as a result they gave more time to other activities

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