English is still the key

A group of farmers after the training on sustainable farming practices on small scale farming

IAS Djibouti, in partnership with Ecole Emmanuel, owned and operated by Mission de la Mer Rouge, continues to respond to the need of promoting the use of English in many settings. By providing native-speakers with high-quality training in the English language many local Djiboutians are helped– primarily young professionals or those who aspire to be such, to attain an easier level of the understanding of today’s world internet technology. Needless to say, the government began promoting the use of English in many settings, and IAS is privileged to provide English teachers to Ecole Emmanuel. David Yunuba, who established the IAS Djibouti Programme in 2000, retired at the end of 2014 after fourteen years of faithful service as Country Director.

IAS Djibouti conducted a pilot programme to introduce sustainable farming practices to small scale farmers. It conducted a training course introducing the concept of composting. After the training, one farmer exclaimed that they used to burn all the residual organic matter from the last crop, but now they can use it as a free fertilizer. From this training, in cooperation with a local farming association, IAS is expanding this training to other areas of the country.


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