Niger borrade brunnar

New Beginnings

IAS commenced operations in its newest country of intervention, Niger, in August 2014. Registration documents with the government are nearing completion and, in the meantime, IAS is beginning under the umbrella of a partner NGO. The humanitarian needs are great in this country of 17 million which ranks 187/187 on the 2013 UN Human Development Index. One of the greatest needs is the low rates of access to safe drinking water (49.12%) and basic sanitation (7.22%) in the rural areas where 80% of the population live.

Given this need, the IAS Niger programme will start with a focus on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). A PATDrill-421 drilling rig is scheduled to arrive in Niamey early September and the IAS team will begin drilling village boreholes in October, accompanied by a programme of Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) and associated hygiene promotion. Eventual regions of intervention will be determined in consultation with the Ministry of Hydraulics and partner NGOs.


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