Relief help to Nepal continues

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May 6th, 2015

IAS Denmark and their local partner Good Way Nepal continues to bring relief help to many needy people in Nepal. The work is focused to the outskirts of Katmandu, in the villages where help has no yet reached .

According to our observations the small cities, towns and villages are more affected than big cities. Hundreds of villages are gone and it is very hard to find even single houses in some rural areas, says Shubhas Sharma, Chairman of Good Way Nepal.

Many children have become orphans

Many people have lost their families and a lot of children have become orphans. Shubhas Sharma fears that there is a great risk that these children will end up street children in Kathmandu or other cities.

– More than 30 000 people are injured and it looks like more than one million houses have been destroyed outside Kathmandu, says Shubhas Sharma.

Distributing relief help

With the help of local authorities IAS Denmark and Good Way Nepal distribute relief items to the villages, like rice, tents, noodles, biscuits, blanket and first aid kits.

– We are facing a lot challenges, its heavy raining and the roads have been damaged which has created a delay and a difficulty in supplying the items.

A couple of days ago they went to Sindupalchowk district with relief help, a place where 80 % of the houses have been destroyed.

– The situation is very bad and the people are so greatful to receive help. In this area only more then 3 000 people are dead and 6 000 have been injured. In remote areas where no aid has been given the data is still to come, says Shubhas Sharma.

If you want to support IAS and Good Way Nepals work in Nepal, please donate a gift.

You can also donate through our swish no. 123 900 0423.

Text: Rebecka Woods

Photo: IAS Denmark

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IAS help victims in Nepal


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April 27th, 2015

Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal has left Kathmandu and rural areas in chaos. We support IAS Denmark and their partner Good Way Nepal in their work to help victims. You can help us help in this tragic situation by donating a gift. Mark your gift with ”Nepal”. Thank you for your support.

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Desiree Lyckelind IAS new Head of Administration


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April 16th, 2015, Sweden

IAS is expanding and we are happy to welcome Desiree Lyckelind, our new Head of Administration at the Head office in Stockholm.

 Desiree, please tell us a bit about yourself.

– I´m married to Natanael and we have two children. Since I was little I have had a heart for Africa. My parents were missionaries in Ethiopia so I lived there for six years.

For the last six years I have been in charge of the administration in a larger congregation in Uppsala, coordinating the administration and also pulling a few strings when it comes to the congregation´s international work.

You have also been working with IAS in the past?

Yes, I have. During the year 2 000 I worked as a volunteer for IAS in Garissa, Kenya and between 2004-2006 I worked as Senior Administrator in Khartoum, for IAS in Sudan.  It feels great to be back with IAS and have the privilege to work at the Head Office.

What do you hope to contribute to IAS work?

-I hope to use my experience to strengthen the administrative part of the office and will give my best to support the Human Resources Department.  I know from experience that people in IAS are driven by compassion and are prepared to walk that extra mile to make a difference in peoples lives and I want to be a part of  it.

Text & photo: Rebecka Woods

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“We used to go to bed hungry but not anymore”


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January 12th, 2015, Kenya

A few months ago we wrote about the drought in the Horn of Africa and that IAS is on ground in Kenya to help. The short rains have stalled and the few farmers crops that had been planted are drying up because of the heat of the sun. Since most of the crops planted are dying due to the continuation of the drought, the work of distributing food and necessities continues. Below are some testimonies from those the intervention has helped.

We want to thank everyone for their support which have given these people hope for the future.

Ikoore Mitheega, Kathangachini – Tharaka-Kenya

-During the drought me and my family of seven people had no food. We did not know where or how we could get food because there was no rain and no harvests. We became very weak. Thanks to the food we received from IAS, we got our strength back.

M’Mbwera Ntende, Chiakariga Ward in Tharaka, Kenya.

Despite his age 94 year old M’Mbwera Ntende was determined to provide his team with food:

– I have received food distributions from IAS for a few months and I’ve always had a person who helped me to get the food. The food I get I always share with eight other people. But during the last food distribuition the food never came to me so I decided to go and bring it myself. I don’t want my group to be without food! The most important thing for me now is to bring the food back to my group so that they don’t have to be hungry. Thank you IAS for helping us!

 Johanna Meeni 74 years, Tharaka, Kenya

– Me and my family of seven people are so happy and thankful for the food we have received from IAS. We used to go to bed hungry which we don’t have to anymore. My hope is  that I eventually can start supporting my family again!





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