“We used to go to bed hungry but not anymore”


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January 12th, 2015, Kenya

A few months ago we wrote about the drought in the Horn of Africa and that IAS is on ground in Kenya to help. The short rains have stalled and the few farmers crops that had been planted are drying up because of the heat of the sun. Since most of the crops planted are dying due to the continuation of the drought, the work of distributing food and necessities continues. Below are some testimonies from those the intervention has helped.

We want to thank everyone for their support which have given these people hope for the future.

Ikoore Mitheega, Kathangachini – Tharaka-Kenya

-During the drought me and my family of seven people had no food. We did not know where or how we could get food because there was no rain and no harvests. We became very weak. Thanks to the food we received from IAS, we got our strength back.

M’Mbwera Ntende, Chiakariga Ward in Tharaka, Kenya.

Despite his age 94 year old M’Mbwera Ntende was determined to provide his team with food:

– I have received food distributions from IAS for a few months and I’ve always had a person who helped me to get the food. The food I get I always share with eight other people. But during the last food distribuition the food never came to me so I decided to go and bring it myself. I don’t want my group to be without food! The most important thing for me now is to bring the food back to my group so that they don’t have to be hungry. Thank you IAS for helping us!

 Johanna Meeni 74 years, Tharaka, Kenya

– Me and my family of seven people are so happy and thankful for the food we have received from IAS. We used to go to bed hungry which we don’t have to anymore. My hope is  that I eventually can start supporting my family again!





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