15 January 2001

Camping in Lokichoggio OLS Camp

Dear friends,

Our Expedition for Peace in Sudan is soon starting... We are in Lokichoggio, Northwest Kenya, and are waiting for some clearification about the security in Sudan. There has been some attacks on villages in Bahr El Ghasal and 11 people have died in the fightings. We are also waiting for a GPS (used for navigating) from Nairobi.

Lokichoggio has trippled its population in three years due to the relief activities going on here in order to assist Sudan. Airplanes are landing and taking off regularly from this location and the security level is high. OLS (Operation Lifeline Sudan) through the United Nations have set up a big camp to assist the 62 relief organisations working inside Sudan.

It's 36 centigrades Celcius hot, sandy and only a few bushes around the place that we are staying. Our communication tools are working fine and this email is sent through our satellite phone. Solarcells charge the battery and a power transformer gives us 220 volts from the 12 volt battery. Wow!!!

We hope to fly into Sudan on Wednesday.

Bye for now!

Greetings from Andreas Zetterlund and Tommy Larsson

w w w . a t m c . n u