19 January 2001

Stranded in Bahr El Ghasal...

Packing our things into sacks...

We are still stranded in Bahr El Ghasal due to a missing permit. It seems as if the war is increasing in this area. People are arriving from far distance to nearby villages with their cattle and belongings. Troops are gathering in a nearby town and we can hear the fightings taking place.

According to local authorities we are free to start our walk, but OLS Security in Lokichoggio refuses us to proceed because of the missing written permit. The permit kan only be issued by a person who is somewhere in Sudan at the moment. So, this is causing some delayment to our walk.

The camels are in good shape and the items are packed for the trip. We have got some training in taking care of the camels. They should for example have water every 7th day. Exept for the delay, we are in good health and are egear to get started now!!!

Tommy & Andreas with Team

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