4 February 2001

100 km...

Our feet suffer...
Our feet suffer......


Things are fine except for some blisters and lots of insects... We are walking in an area with plenty of different flies that like to get into our ears, nose, mouth... Nice! People speak more arabic now and its easier to communicate. Further north people speak Dinka language.

Two new boreholes have been drilled in this village and yesterday the pipes where put in place so now the pumps are working. People are joyful for the clean water. IAS is involved in this water programme.

This sunday afternoon we will walk again and this time it will be a distance of 20 km. We can't tell you the town to which we are going since Sudan is a country in war. The socks and underwears from The Stadium makes life a bit easier!

Have a good evening!
//Tommy & Andreas with Team

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