8 February 2001

211 km...and one day left to Kotobi!!

The team...

The team are ready for the final lap!!!

Only 20 km left now to Kotobi, our final destination. To walk 211 km is not a big deal for a sudanese, but for us white people, is sure is far. People are asking about what happened with our car, since they are used of seeing white people only travelling by car in this country. Hmm, the walk really make people to talk and wounder about the reason of us walking through the Sudan.

This confusing matter allows us to tell about the objectives with this spectacular walk. Great! The camp has been set up again for the last time, and tomorrow morning we will proceed to Kotobi. NGO's are spreading some romours about us peacewalkers. We will reveal this issue when we arrive in Nairobi, Kenya! Stay in touch!

Tommy & Andreas with Team

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