Footprints of a refugee
A walk through Southern Sudan

By the end of 1999 we got an idea to do a walk in Sudan with the objective to continue creating awareness for the ongoing war in Sudan. The 40 day walk is a tool in order to communicate the message of time for peace in Sudan. Our next expedition will be a walk from Bahr-El Ghasal in Western Sudan to Yei in Southern Sudan.

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Objectives with the expedition

Our objectives are to create awareness and involvment in Sweden and other countries for the forgotten war in Sudan. People around the world will hear and read about the situation in Sudan through our contacts with media. This is expected to engage nations and politicians to get more involved in working for peace in Sudan. The countries represented in the United Nation should also show a deeper concern in creating a safe environment for the Sudanese. Further, UN should be more involved in the conflict and force the Government of Sudan to respect the Human Rights. These are our three objectives:

1. To influence Sweden to write a UN resolution about the need for peace in Sudan.

2. To create awareness about the conflict to 100 miljon people through media.

3. To involve people to vote for peace in Sudan on our website.

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When do we start?

The walk will be carried out during January 15th to February 25th year 2001. The route will be from Bahr-El Ghasal in Western Sudan to Yei in Southern Sudan. It is a distance of 1000 kilometers and will be accomplished in 40 days.

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