Our Proposed Resolution
...on Peace in the Sudan

Written by Mel Middleton on the initiativ of ATMC-World Tour

WHEREAS, an estimated 2,000,000 people have died over the past decade due to war and war-related causes and famine, while millions have been displaced from their homes and separated from their families; AND

WHEREAS, The National Islamic Front government's war policy in southern Sudan, the Nuba Mountains, and the Ingessena Hills has brought untold suffering to innocent civilians and is threatening the very survival of a whole generation of southern Sudanese; AND

WHEREAS, The people of the Nuba Mountains and the Ingessena Hills are at particular risk, because they have been specifically targeted and, as a consequence, they are deliberately prevented from receiving international food aid, resulting in manmade famine, and are the targets of routine bombing of their civilian centers, including schools, hospitals, and areas where religious services are being held; AND

WHEREAS, The Convention for the Prevention and the Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, defines "genocide" as official acts committed by a government with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, or religious group, and this definition also includes "deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction, in whole or in part"; AND

WHEREAS, By that definition, the National Islamic Front government is deliberately and systematically committing genocide in southern Sudan, the Nuba Mountains, and the Ingessena Hills; AND

WHEREAS, The National Islamic Front government has systematically and repeatedly obstructed peace efforts of the Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD) over the past several years; AND

WHEREAS, The Declaration of Principles put forth by the Intergovernmental Authority for Development mediators is the most viable negotiating framework to resolve the problems in Sudan and to bring lasting peace between the NIF and the opposition movements; AND

WHEREAS, The NIF government has succeeded in sowing divisions and bitter factional fighting between southern ethnic groups, and that this factional fighting is often directly exacerbated by the issue of the control of resources such as oil; AND

WHEREAS, The inter-factional fighting and disputes between southern groups themselves has created tragedy and a humanitarian crisis; AND

WHEREAS, Humanitarian conditions in southern Sudan are such that millions of lives are again at risk from starvation and disease, due to the civil war and forced population displacements; AND

WHEREAS, The relief work in the affected areas is further complicated by the National Islamic Front's repeated aerial attacks on feeding centers, clinics, and other civilian targets, as well as administrative disputes between aid organizations and the opposition movements; AND

WHEREAS, Relief efforts are further exacerbated by looting, bombing, and killing of innocent civilians and relief workers by government-sponsored militias and lawless elements in the affected areas; AND

WHEREAS, The National Islamic Front government has perpetrated a prolonged campaign of human rights abuses and discrimination throughout the country; AND

WHEREAS, The National Islamic Front government-sponsored militias have been engaged in the enslavement of innocent civilians, including children, women, and the elderly; AND

WHEREAS, The now common slave raids being carried out by the government's Popular Defense Force militias are undertaken as part of the government's self-declared jihad (holy war) against the predominantly traditional and Christian south; AND

WHEREAS, The enslavement of people is considered in international law to be a "crime against humanity"; AND

WHEREAS, Observers estimate the number of people enslaved by government-sponsored militias to be in the tens of thousands; AND

WHEREAS, Former United Nations Special Rapporteur for Sudan, Gaspar Biro, and his successor, Leonardo Franco, reported on a number of occasions the routine practice of slavery and the complicity of the Government of Sudan; AND

WHEREAS, the NIF government is known to be providing support and safe haven to terrorist groups such as the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, which brutalizes, rapes, maims and enslaves young children, taking them back to Sudan; ANd

WHEREAS, The National Islamic Front government abuses and tortures political opponents and innocent civilians in the north and many northerners have been killed by this regime over the years; AND

WHEREAS, The vast majority of Muslims in Sudan do not subscribe to the National Islamic Front's extremist and politicized practice of using Islam as a political tool, and moderate Muslims have been specifically targeted by the regime; AND

WHEREAS, The struggle by the people of Sudan and opposition forces is a just struggle for freedom and democracy against the extremist regime in Khartoum; AND

WHEREAS, The NIF regime is among the world's most egregious violators of the fundamental right to freedom of religion"...


End its campaign of genocide against the people of southern Sudan, the Nuba Mountains, and Ingessena Hills; AND

End its brutal attacks against civilian populations, including the aerial bombardment of non military targets such as hospitals, feeding centres, market places, and churches; AND

End the practice of arming militias and para military forces in order to create havoc and the displacement of populations; AND

Open all areas of Sudan to unrestricted access for humanitarian relief programs, including the Nuba Mountains, and Ingessena Hills; AND

Allow free and full access by humanitarian organisations such as the ICRC and UNICEF to all displaced camps (including LRA victims, prisoners of war, and so-called "peace villages") to ascertain the identities of captives, prisoners, displaced people and abducted children and to ensure their safe return to their home communities; AND

Stop the provision of safe haven and all other support to the Lord's Resistance Army (and all other terrorist groups) and to cooperate in the immediate and unconditional release of all the abducted children, as stipulated in the Nairobi Peace Accord; AND

Bring to justice all those responsible for abducting and enslaving women and children, and ensure that such crimes against humanity are ended completely; AND

Accept unconditionally the remaining IGAD Declaration of Principles, which call for the right of self determination, and the separation of Religion and State; AND

End the use of torture, denial of freedoms of speech, thought and religion, and all other abuses of human rights being committed against its citizens; AND


Continue to respect and adhere to all the principles of peace and harmony outlined in the Wunlit Peace Accord (and other similar peace agreements between different Sudanese groups), and to end all factional, and inter-ethnic fighting which will only bring more suffering and death; AND

Unite together in spirit, while maintaining cultural and ethnic diversity and distinctiveness, and seek non violent solutions to resolve social and inter-ethnic disputes; AND

To desist from petty, insignificant quarrels and divisions based on personal gain, ambitions, and power struggles, and to work together for the common good; AND

Make every effort to prevent and resolve disputes between the international aid community, before they disrupt the flow of assistance to the needy. AND


Strongly condemn the NIF's current program of genocide in Sudan, particlarly its use of deliberate famine, and consequent denials of humanitarian access; AND

Strongly condemn the NIF's policy of inciting conflict, and thereby creating the displacement, famine and death of large numbers of its own citizens by arming untrained, and undisciplined militias, then washing its hands of any responsibility, dismissing these hostilities as "inter-tribal conflict"; AND

Strongly condenm the NIF's practice of inciting religious hatred and violent action by referring to the civil war as a "jihad"; AND

Strongly condemn the NIF government's practice of turning a blind eye to slavery and egregious human rights abuses being carried out by militias and para-military groups; AND

Strongly condemn the NIF's continuing support to the LRA of Uganda, which abducts children and subsequently uses them in armed combat, and for the sexual gratification of its soldiers, which is a flagrant violation of several UN Conventions and international humanitarian law; AND

Strongly condemn the NIF's persecution of religious groups which do not conform to its extreme views of Islam; AND

Increase support to the IGAD peace process, as well as the various "People to People" movements (such as the Wunlit Agreement) being undertaken in different parts of Sudan, and increase pressure on the warring parties to adhere to these agreements and continue to bargain in good faith; AND

Take immediate and concrete action to ensure that oil and oil revenues cease from flowing to the Khartoum government until there is a just and comprehensive peace agreement; AND


Refrain from oil investments in Sudan and to halt all operations as long as there is a deplorable human rights atmosphere in Sudan, (including the continuation of torture, slavery, and denials of humanitarian access and freedom), and until there is a peaceful and just solution to the conflict; AND


Pray for an end to the suffering in Sudan, and for God's intervention in bringing about an end to the conflict; AND

Support the cause of justice, peace, and freedom in Sudan by becoming personally involved in advocacy, humanitarian assistance, and conflict resolution; AND

Give generously to help the displaced, hungry, and victimized people of Sudan; AND

Withdraw all investments in any international companies, such as Talisman Energy, which are continuing to partner with, provide moral cover for and strategic funding and resources to the brutal NIF government, until there is an end to the injustice and civil conflict.

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