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ATMC started in May 1998. The letters stand for Andreas & Tommy´s Motorbike World Tour. Our tour is divided in a number of expeditions. Each expedition is often covered in media which gives us a good opportunity to create awareness for people in need. This makes each particular expedition even more unique. Continue reading on our site! We hope that you will be inspired to make your dreams come true, we have!!

Vote for Peace in Sudan!
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>> The Peacework for Sudan  New!
Finally Sweden and other countries have awaken in regards to the conflict in the Sudan. The Swedish Oil company, Lundin Oil, has been investigated by media, NGOs and UN...
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>> Walk for peace information
Why do we want to walk 600 kilometers for peace in the Sudan???
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>> Follow the Expedition Online! 
We update our newsroom through Satellite Communication...
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>> Our satellite phone... New
Please give us a call and say hi...
Phone # +871761927520

>> What´s going on in East Africa?

>> Interview in Swedish magasin
BTA's new magasin "Ord&Mening" has made an interview with ATMC... You can read more on their site (if you read swedish ;-).
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>> Games!!! Play PACman
Try our fun game of pacman.
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Vote for peace in Sudan! - ATMC collects votes, which will be handed over to the Swedish Government and the United Nations

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