I fädrens spår med IK Livsnerven


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Under vasaloppsveckan 2018 genomförde IK Livsnerven ett antal skidlopp där skidåkarna uppmärksammade IAS projektet “The Peepoo School Program”. Projektet går ut på att ge barn tillgång till toaletter i slumorådet Kibera i Nairobi. Stort tack till alla som varit med och bidragit till projektet!

Mer information finns på www.peepoople.com 


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Facelift of IAS logo and brand


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Today we are pleased to announce a facelift of the IAS logo and brand. We believe the changes are timely, appropriate and will enhance the communication of the IAS brand globally.

Our current logo and brand has been in use since 2004. This was a dramatic change from the original logo and brand which had been in use since the establishment of IAS in 1989. The change of logo and brand at the time coincided with the name change from International Aid Sweden to International Aid Services; encompassing the global nature of IAS following the additions of several entities joining the IAS International Association. In November 2015 IAS changed its governance structure to become an International Alliance with IAS Sweden, IAS Denmark, IAS Germany and IAS USA as the legacy members. IAS Sweden was formally mandated to act as Head Office for the Alliance. In 2016 IAS also adopted a new global organizational strategy – Fit for Purpose: A strategy for sustained growth, 2016-2020.

The facelift of the IAS brand and logo presented today is a result of deliberations between IAS Alliance Members and an important step in propelling our strategy and vision.

The main differences from the previous logo and brand are a mother logo with the abbreviation IAS more clearly marked as well as a more distinct shield. Recognizing the need to be able to communicate the diversity of the IAS brand we have also introduced four different denominations – separate communicative brands with different names and colour codes but still clearly attached to the IAS brand. Finally, we have introduced a gravatar option for all the logos to be used in primarily social media platforms.

Kindly refer to the ‘IAS Brand White Paper’ for more detailed information. A new facelift of IAS website and media outlets will follow shortly

International Aid Services (IAS) is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) abiding by Christian values. Founded in 1989 with the purpose of assisting conflict affected populations in South Sudan we now run programs in over 10 countries in primarily Horn of Africa /Eastern Africa supported by 4 offices in Europe and the United States. The Alliance Head Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

We see ourselves as catalysts for development. Investing in people in order for them realize their full potential – going beyond relief and development.

Download the “IAS Brand White Paper” here

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Ny VD för IAS International


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Daniel Zetterlund

Daniel Zetterlund

Vi är glada och stolta över att presentera Daniel Zetterlund som IAS International’s nya VD!

Daniel kommer att axla rollen efter IAS grundare Leif Zetterlund från och med januari 2015.
– Daniels ledaregenskaper gör honom till en utmärkt kandidat och vi är väldigt glada över att han tackat ja till positionen, säger Douglas Mann, ordförande IAS styrelse.

Press info på engelska:

In 2012, the Executive Board of International Aid Services (IAS) began the undertaking of a leadership search and transition plan for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) within the organizational structure of IAS. In February of 2014, after having evaluated numerous qualified candidates for the position of CEO, the Executive Board of IAS unanimously agreed that Daniel Zetterlund was to be offered the role of CEO for International Aid Services beginning January 1, 2015. The recommendation by the Executive Board was approved by the IAS General Assembly held in May of 2014.

As of May 24, 2014, Daniel Zetterlund has assumed the transitional duties of IAS Deputy CEO until the end of the year when he will accept the position of CEO for IAS beginning January 1, 2015. Daniel’s international management credentials and proven leadership skills have made him the perfect candidate for this position, and IAS is fortunate that Daniel has agreed to take on this new challenge of moving IAS forward in its organizational mission and vision.

The current CEO of IAS, Leif Zetterlund, after January 1, 2015, will transition into other leadership roles within IAS. IAS is excited to announce these new changes, and the organization wishes to extend our utmost appreciation and gratitude for the stewardship and leadership exercised by Leif Zetterlund during the twenty-five years of the organization’s existence. A solid foundation has been laid, and we look forward to continuing to build on that groundwork and expand our organizational capacity under the new leadership of Daniel Zetterlund.


Douglas Mann

Chairman, IAS Executive Board

President, IAS America

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Vår personal har blivit frisläppta i Somalia


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The international relief- and development agency, International Aid Services (IAS), is overjoyed to announce that three of its staff members who were kidnapped in Somalia over 22 months ago have been released and are safe and well.

On 11th July 2012 at approximately 5:30 p.m. an IAS team was attacked by an armed group of people near Galcayo, in Puntland, Somalia. The team was travelling in two vehicles including an escort car with three armed Puntland Police Officers who bravely defended the IAS staff but were overpowered by a much larger group of attackers. All of the police officers recovered from injuries sustained during the attack, as did one IAS employee who was injured but not kidnapped.

This abduction of Janet Muthoni Kanga, Martin Mutisya Kioko and Abdinoor Dabaso Boru has been condemned by both the Kenyan and Puntland Governments, as well as by a number of religious leaders of many faiths.

IAS immediately formed a Crisis Management Team that has worked since the day of the kidnapping to find a resolution to this event. A number of organizations and people, both public and private, also provided invaluable assistance to IAS during this 22 month crisis. For security reasons, IAS cannot name these organizations and people – but they know who they are and we are immensely grateful for their assistance.

IAS also wants to extend its deepest thanks to the families of these three hostages. Despite their overwhelming desire to do almost anything to get their family members back, they extended their trust to the IAS Crisis Management Team, supported that team and even provided invaluable information to that team that was very helpful in finalizing the arrangements for the release of these hostages.

The hostages were released by their kidnappers near the city of Galcayo today on 5th June 2014. With the assistance of the United Nations and the Galmudug Government, the hostages were taken to a safe location until they will be flown back to Nairobi and reunited with their families and friends, and debriefed. Although all will undergo routine medical screenings, we believe that they are uninjured and under the circumstances, in reasonably good health. During the period of their captivity, the IAS Crisis Management Team was able to speak to the hostages on a number of occasions, and was able to arrange the delivery of supplies from time to time.

The IAS Crisis Management Team conducted discussions with many persons claiming to be holding these hostages during this 22 month ordeal. In most cases, callers were quickly identified as frauds and dismissed. Extended discussions with the actual kidnappers resulted in the release of the hostages reported today. The kidnappers claimed to be Somali pirates and IAS developed no information to discredit that claim.

IAS staff, alongside colleagues with other international NGOs, continue to work in Somali, Puntland and other dangerous locations around the world. We remain concerned about the increase of attacks on humanitarian workers, not only in Somalia, but also in the broader region where IAS operates. We are committed to take necessary steps to mitigate risks for our own staff and to also engage in the wider discussion on ensuring staff safety in vulnerable and hostile environments.

It is too early in the reintegration/recovery process for Janet, Martin and Abdinoor to speak to the news media. We kindly ask you to respect their privacy. IAS will, at this stage, have no further comments on the circumstances surrounding this issue.

Nairobi, June 5, 2014

Leif Zetterlund
Executive Director
International Aid Services

Douglas Mwiti
Country Director
International Aid Services
Kenya/Somalia Programme

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

For press info contact:
Andreas Zetterlund
Email: info@ias-intl.org
Phone +46-70-4975977

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Mors dag 25/5 – Rädda en kvinna ur alkoholproduktion!


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On May 25th Sweden celebrate mother’s day and this year you can give a gift that last longer than flowers and chocolate! In Uganda many women are forced to produce alcohol to be able provide for their families. The production comes with many negative effects including violence and sexual abuse against women. For only 200 SEK you can help a women start up her own businesses.

– Many men are having severe alcohol problems, spending mostly of their salary to buy alcohol. As a result many women and children are lacking food and basic needs are being neglected. It is also a major catalyst for sexually abuse of women and child neglect, says Juliet Namukasa, country director IAS Uganda.

IAS recognized the problem and started AAA: Action against Alcohol, a project aiming to reduce the consumption of alcohol through reducing the alcohol production. Instead of producing alcohol IAS are providing other ways of income for women.

Women get access to start up packages

– We have carried out sensitization campaigns on the dangers of alcohol. We have also formed groups where these women access credit to start businesses as an alternative source of income. The women have been given a financial start up package to facilitate the beginning of their businesses, says Juliet.

Some examples are producing and selling fruits and vegetables, chicken farming and handicraft courses for making baskets.

Many men stopped drinking

The project started in July 2012 and are covering 1 400 households, including 8 400 people. IAS has received many testimonies of both men and women who have stopped drinking and many women are involved in alternative income generating activities.

One of them is Acen Nighty who is a former brewer but today she is selling cooking oil and paraffin locally in her village.

 I stopped brewing alcohol since I realized it has so many negative effects and I did´nt earn enough money to pay my children to go to school. Today my business is growing, slowly but steadily!

200 SEK will rescue a women out of alcohol production

By giving 200 SEK you can be a part of helping women out of the negative spiral of alcohol production and giving them a new course in life.  You can easily donate 100, 150  or 200 SEK  through your mobile: (only avaliable in Sweden).


Write:  IAS morsdag100 and send to  72550 to donate 100 SEK

Write:  IAS morsdag150 and send to  72550 to donate 150 SEK

Write:  IAS morsdag200 and send to  72550 to donate 200 SEK

Make sure there is a space between IAS and morsdagxxx


Give to our 90-konto

You can also give a gift to our  90-konto: 90 00 42 – 3. Name the gift:  “Mors dag”

From international countries:

Name: International Aid Services
Bank: Nordea Bank Sweden
IBAN No: SE85 3000 0000 0395 9770 0387
Swift Code: NDEASESS


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70 deltog på konferens för lokala partners


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Sedan 2012 har IAS årligen arrangerat en nätverkskonferens för alla lokala partners som vi arbetar med ute i fält.

– Syftet med konferensen är att arbeta fram gemensamma strategier för att tillsammans arbeta mer effektivt, säger Julius Bitamazire, policy och metodansvarig.

Huvudtemat i år var organisatorisk utveckling då IAS vill anta en mer progaminriktad strategi för att bättre organisera och samverka tillsammans vid insatser för att bästa möjliga hjäIp.

I år hölls konferensen i Nairobi, Kenya och totalt samlades 70 deltagare från 12 länder. Speciellt för i år var att IAS båda finansiärer av konferensen, Svenska missionrådet (SMR) och Danska missionsrådets utvecklingsavdelning (DDDMC) var på plats.

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Hallå där…Lina Gebäck!


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…grundare av Linas matkasse och en av IAS samarbetspartners. Du tillsammans med ett trettiotal anställda följde med IAS på en resa till Kenya i januari.

Vad var syftet med resan?

-Sedan fyra år erbjuder vi våra kunder något som vi kallar för Kenyakassen. Varje kund får möjlighet att runda upp till närmaste hundralapp och pengarna går direkt till vårt projekt i Kenya som går ut på att hjälpa fattiga familjer med mat och förnödenheter. Vi som är ansvariga har besökt projektet i Nairobi och Tharaka flera gånger tidigare. Nu ville vi att fler av våra kollegor skulle få se skillnaden som Linas Kenyakasse gör i människors liv.

Ni besökte slummen i Kibera och Mukuru. Hur var det att se arbetet på plats som ni är engagerade i?

-Det var en chock för många som tidigare aldrig varit i slummen. Att se så mycket elände och samtidigt möta så mycket glädje och kärlek är omtumlande för oss ‘lagom-svenskar’. När vi klev ur bussarna och mötte den första självhjälpsgruppen som vi stöttar med mat i Kibera, kom de dansande emot oss. Vi blev väldigt berörda över den värme de visade oss!

Ni besökte en skola där ni fick vara med och måla klassrum och laga mat. Hur var det?

– Det var verkligen en annorlunda upplevelse att laga mat utomhus och utan kök. Vårt menyteam lagade getgryta, ris och grönsaksröra tillsammans med kvinnorna i Tharaka. Kvinnorna tyckte att det var konstigt att även killarna i vårt team var med och lagade mat, det skrattades en hel del. Att sedan få servera barnen var stort! Vi önskade alla att vi kunnat vara kvar och ge dem lunch dagen därpå också.

Linas matkasse lanserade under resan ett nytt projekt som förser skolbarn med mellanmål. Berätta!

-Rektorn på Ntuja primary school berättade att hans elever oftast bara får ett mål mat om dagen och ibland svimmar av näringsbrist. Med en frukt om dagen får de i alla fall ett mellanmål. Vi hoppas att det ska ge dem mer energi att lära för livet. Frukten köps upp från lokala jordbrukare vilket i sin tur ökar efterfrågan på frukt som ger arbetstillfällen.

Vad tar ni med er ifrån resan?

-Den entusiasm vi upplevt kring vårt Kenyaprojekt lever kvar även i vår svenska arbetstillvaro. Resan visade mig att hjälpen verkligen når fram! Nu är vi många som driver detta tillsammans och många på Linas Matkasse har idéer om hur vi ska arbeta vidare för att hjälpa. Alla vill göra mer!

// Rebecka Woods, Informatör

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