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On May 25th Sweden celebrate mother’s day and this year you can give a gift that last longer than flowers and chocolate! In Uganda many women are forced to produce alcohol to be able provide for their families. The production comes with many negative effects including violence and sexual abuse against women. For only 200 SEK you can help a women start up her own businesses.

– Many men are having severe alcohol problems, spending mostly of their salary to buy alcohol. As a result many women and children are lacking food and basic needs are being neglected. It is also a major catalyst for sexually abuse of women and child neglect, says Juliet Namukasa, country director IAS Uganda.

IAS recognized the problem and started AAA: Action against Alcohol, a project aiming to reduce the consumption of alcohol through reducing the alcohol production. Instead of producing alcohol IAS are providing other ways of income for women.

Women get access to start up packages

– We have carried out sensitization campaigns on the dangers of alcohol. We have also formed groups where these women access credit to start businesses as an alternative source of income. The women have been given a financial start up package to facilitate the beginning of their businesses, says Juliet.

Some examples are producing and selling fruits and vegetables, chicken farming and handicraft courses for making baskets.

Many men stopped drinking

The project started in July 2012 and are covering 1 400 households, including 8 400 people. IAS has received many testimonies of both men and women who have stopped drinking and many women are involved in alternative income generating activities.

One of them is Acen Nighty who is a former brewer but today she is selling cooking oil and paraffin locally in her village.

 I stopped brewing alcohol since I realized it has so many negative effects and I did´nt earn enough money to pay my children to go to school. Today my business is growing, slowly but steadily!

200 SEK will rescue a women out of alcohol production

By giving 200 SEK you can be a part of helping women out of the negative spiral of alcohol production and giving them a new course in life.  You can easily donate 100, 150  or 200 SEK  through your mobile: (only avaliable in Sweden).


Write:  IAS morsdag100 and send to  72550 to donate 100 SEK

Write:  IAS morsdag150 and send to  72550 to donate 150 SEK

Write:  IAS morsdag200 and send to  72550 to donate 200 SEK

Make sure there is a space between IAS and morsdagxxx


Give to our 90-konto

You can also give a gift to our  90-konto: 90 00 42 – 3. Name the gift:  “Mors dag”

From international countries:

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